Seahawks Announce Matt Flynn is Finally Ready to Start at Quarterback

Seahawks Announce Matt Flynn is Finally Ready to Start at Quarterback – Image 1
Seattle Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll announced today that Matt Flynn would make his first start at quarterback for the team on Sunday in the team's divisional round playoff game at the Atlanta Falcons.

"Matt was our big offseason acquisition," said Carroll, of the former Green Bay backup Seattle signed to a three-year, $19.5 million contract in March. "Russell Wilson did a heck of a job getting us this far, but we're two wins from the Super Bowl now and it's time for Matt to step up and deliver. This is why we paid him the big bucks. I think it's time to unleash him and let one of the game's greats work his magic for us."

Wilson said he was disappointed by the move but understood it.

"I knew this was Matt's team when they picked me in the draft. I knew my role. I knew I was the backup," said Wilson. "You don't give someone that kind of money and then just hand the job over to some short 3rd rounder you drafted. This was just a temporary thing until Matt was ready to go. I am happy with how I played, though, and I hope I opened up some eyes around the league. Who knows, maybe one day I'll get to be a full-time starter somewhere."

Flynn hasn't worked with Seattle's first-team offense since late August, and has been working this week to develop timing with his new receivers.

"I'll admit. I'm panicking a little bit," said Flynn. "I had assumed this was Russell's team now. I was just enjoying making millions to do nothing. I haven't paid attention in the film room in months. If the Falcons defense isn't as shitty as that Detroit Lions defense I played last year, we're screwed."

Carroll attributed Flynn's self-doubting comments to "pre-game jitters" and said he would get his franchise quarterback's confidence up with a series of motivational fist-pumps.