Joe Flacco: “I know I have the unconditional support of Ravens fans unless I suck again”

Joe Flacco: I know I have the unconditional support of Ravens fans unless I suck again – Image 1
Baltimore Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco said today that he appreciates the love and support of Ravens fans as he prepares to quarterback his team in Super Bowl XLVII.

"Their support of me has never wavered dating all the way back to two weeks ago when we beat Peyton Manning and the Broncos," said Flacco. "And the win over Tom Brady and the Patriots made it back-to-back weeks of not being seen as the only thing preventing this team from winning a Super Bowl. I've never felt so loved. It feels great."

Flacco says he is confident that as long as he doesn't go out and "really suck it up" in the Super Bowl, Ravens fans "will continue to support me unconditionally."

"Granted, I've never played well this many games in a row in my life, so the wheels are likely to come off at any moment," said Flacco. "Still, though. And, heck, even if I do play well and we still happen to lose, I'll probably be blamed for the loss. But the opportunity is there for me to not forever be seen as the weak link."

Ravens season ticket holder Jim Chamboski, who is in New Orleans to attend the Super Bowl, says he has supported Flacco 100-percent since the final minute of the divisional round win over Denver.

"I've always known Joe has what it takes to win a Super Bowl, despite pretty much everything I've ever said and all of the booing I've done of him and all the times I've called into local sports radio to say he blows," said Chamboski. "That was just, you know … whatever. But when Denver blew that coverage … I mean, when Joe threw that amazing pass, it clinched all of my feelings about him that he truly is the best quarterback in the NFL."

Chamboski says he has purchased fireworks to set off "when Joe Cool wins the Super Bowl for the Ravens."

"They were expensive, but I figure I'll get to use them either way," he said. "If Joe blows it, I'll drive out to the suburbs and shoot them at his house, the loser. But I'm fairly confident it won't come to that. He's the best. I wouldn't have any other quarterback in the NFL, as long as he wins the Super Bowl. If not, I hope he dies and we give the job to Tyrod Taylor next year. Tyrod is the kind of mobile quarterback you need to win now. Unless Joe, who is great, wins, of course."