Chip Kelly Unsubscribes from After It Keeps Sending Him Cleveland Browns Job Opportunities

Chip Kelly Unsubscribes from Monstercom After It Keeps Sending Him Cleveland Browns Job Opportunities – Image 1
Oregon head coach Chip Kelly said today that he he cancelled his account and marked their e-mails as spam after receiving repeated notices about interview opportunities with the Cleveland Browns.

"I got a Monster account years ago to help me find good jobs," Kelly said. "Of course I can work for the Browns. I don't need Monster to do that for me. I can work for the Browns just like I can work for McDonald's. They're wasting my time and clogging up my e-mail inbox."

A Monster representative says Kelly isn't the first person to complain about being contacted about the Cleveland Browns.

"We are looking to fix the problem," said Monster spokesperson Kevin Papronis. "Obviously, we only want to give our users the best experience, and an experience that includes the Cleveland Browns can't be good for anyone."

Penn State head coach Bill O'Brien said he also cancelled his account after interviewing with the Browns.

"I stupidly trusted them and assumed it must have been a legit opportunity if they sent it to me," said O'Brien. "But it was awful. In every way. The building was all run down. It smelled. The people in the office looked all depressed. The toilets were backed up. Just imagine the Browns' on-the-field product and that transfer it into an office environment."

The Browns are now looking to hire a coach by posting fliers on telephone poles throughout the community promising applicants can "Work one day a week and earn more than $30,000 a year with benefits!"