Chip Kelly Reportedly Not Disclosing to NFL Teams That His Offense Won’t Work in the NFL

Chip Kelly Reportedly Not Disclosing to NFL Teams That His Offense Wont Work in the NFL – Image 1
Oregon head coach Chip Kelly is perhaps the hottest name on the market as seven NFL teams look to fill their coaching vacancies. The architect of Oregon's high-powered spread offense has interviews lined up with the Bills, Browns and Eagles.

"It is true that we have made contact with Chip Kelly and he will be interviewing with us," said Bills general manager r Buddy Nix. "We even conducted an informal, surface interview with him over the phone and he said all the right things."

Nix said he asked Kelly what his greatest weakness is as a head coach and Kelly responded that he "sometimes works too hard and cares too much," completely failing to mention that his trademark offense would be a massive failure in the NFL.

"I don't really follow college football all that closely," said Nix. "But I had overheard someone in our front office voice some concerns about his offense — and also that he has no NFL experience and even almost no coaching experience beyond Oregon and New Hampshire. I thought Chip might mention something about that and put a positive spin on it when I asked him about his weakness," said Nix. "But it didn't come up. So I assume that means his offense will work just great in the NFL!"

Kelly answered similarly to the same question when asked by Browns' CEO Joe Banner and Eagles' owner Jeffrey Lurie. When Lurie asked a follow up question, Kelly claimed his cell phone was cutting out and hung up.

But the Oregon coach insists he is not ducking the question.

"My offense? I don't see why anyone would have any concer … HEY! Look over there!," he said, running off and hiding in the Ducks' locker room.