All of Lance Armstrong’s Little League Baseball Home Runs to be Asterisked

All of Lance Armstrongs Little League Baseball Home Runs to be Asterisked – Image 1
Former cycling star Lance Armstrong has reportedly admitted to Oprah Winfrey in an interview that he used performance enhancing drugs. The impact of that admission is already being felt, as the Plano (Tex.) Little League announced today that all three of Armstrong's home runs hit in the league between 1979 and 1983 will be asterisked.

"Lance expected some fallout, but this one hurts," said an Armstrong associate. "A man treasures nothing more than his Little League home runs. He's told me numerous times the story about how he hit a home run against Bill's Auto Parts in a rain shower in 1982. Now that memory is tarnished."

Armstrong hit one home run in 1982 as an 11 year-old and two more in 1983, including a homer off of a left-handed pitcher most of his teammates were uncomfortable batting against.

"Almost all the pitchers were righties," said Gary Pradish, Armstrong's coach on Brothers Sporting Goods & Tackle Shop. "So we went up against this lefty one day and everyone was just flailing away at the plate. But Lance ran into one for a home run. It was then I thought he might really accomplish something in sports. Unfortunately, he went into cycling instead."

Pete Manto, the current president of the Plano (Tex.) Little League, said the league decided to asterisk Armstrong's three home runs in an emergency meeting last night at Buffalo Wild Wings.

"There is simply no way to know whether Armstrong was on PEDs back in his Little League days," said Manto. "Even if we asked, I doubt we'd get a straight answer. Plus, I've heard he hit a home run off of a lefty. That's definitely suspicious."

The Baseball Writers Association of America also issued a statement strongly condemning Armstrong and made its members available for media interviews.