The Worst Sports Gift You Ever Received

The Worst Sports Gift You Ever Received – Image 1
I was 10 and my mom got me a white Oakland A's sweatshirt (not a hoodie but a sweatshirt) and she got Jose Canseco's name stitched on. The thought was cool, but she spelled "Canseco" as CONSECO. I never wore the thing.

submitted by Gabe

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My wife once got me as a Christmas gift "No Excuses: One Man's Incredible Rise Through the NFL to Head Coach of Notre Dame" by Charlie Weis.

My wife got me this before because it was a sports book. Well meaning, but a piece of shit. I didn't get through a third of it because I couldn't even take the man seriously.

I think it's being used to prop up my desk.

submitted by Greg

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My brother got me a gift card for the Giants but he knows I like the A's. I do go to Giants games sometimes but Christmas isn't even baseball season. Pretty sure I lost it by the next season.

submitted by Chris

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Brett Farve Jets jersey. Not a Jets fan. Not a huge Brett Farve fan. Nuff Said.

submitted by Michael

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When I was in middle school, anyone who was anyone had Nike Shox. If you had Shox you were the next Vince Carter. If you didn't, you were poor and ugly.

All I wanted for Christmas was a pair of Shox and I made this abundantly clear to my mom. A week before Christmas he even hinted to me that she had bought them for me. It was in the bag.

On Christmas morning I went straight for the present that looked like a shoebox. I tore off the wrapping paper, ceremoniously opened the orange Nike box and beheld my brand new pair of Nike Shox… running shoes.

Some heinous forest green joints with a zipper over the laces. A fucking zipper.

submitted by JP

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One year for Christmas I received a Buccaneers Joe Jurevicius jersey and I'm a Vikings fan 🙁

submitted by Kyle

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My mom got me this.

submitted by Adrian

The Worst Sports Gift You Ever Received – Image 1