Roger Goodell Looking to Overhaul Playoffs with Best-of-Seven Series

Roger Goodell Looking to Overhaul Playoffs with BestofSeven Series – Image 1
NFL commissioner Roger Goodell took another shot at adding games to the NFL schedule today, proposing best-of-seven series in each playoff round. Goodell hopes his plan will going into effect in less than three weeks when the 2012-2013 playoffs begin.

Promising that the change was not about revenue, but mainly about ensuring America’s favorite sport remained dominant throughout the entire year, Goodell stated that all games would follow the same best-of-seven elimination processes seen in hockey, baseball, and basketball.

“Look," stated Goodell, “all the other leagues do it. It’s high time we followed suit or be left in the dust."

Reaction to the idea was mixed.

“Man, this is about the worst idea ever," said Peyton Manning, playing this year after missing all of 2011 to injury. “Football’s brutal enough with 16 games in a season, let alone extra playoff games. The league really wants to tell us that they care about player safety when they pull this crap?”

“That would be utter hell," said Packers head coach Mike McCarthy. “Half my team’s already on IR – what do I do when the rest of ‘em go down? Sign a bunch of free agents? Call up the local high school and see if any of their players are 18? Just walk up to random people and ask them if they’ve ever played football?”

Goodell rebuffed the concerns.

“Player safety is still the league’s top priority. Every player is given a mandatory concussion test, and players aren’t allowed to reenter the game unless they can at least mumble a few words. Plus, it wouldn’t necessarily be 28 games per team. If they swept and got a bye, it’d be as few as 12. And 12 games – well, that isn’t even a full season right there, so you can’t say I don’t care about players.”

Others like Goodell's idea.

"Love it," said former Raiders No. 1 overall pick JaMarcus Russell. "This might be my shot to get back into the league. If everyone gets hurt, someone will probably eventually call me."

The Jacksonville Jaguars also expressed their support.

"Think about it," said head coach Mike Mularkey. "If all the good teams get decimated by serious injuries in January, many of those injuries won't be healed by the next regular season. Those teams will be playing with second and third-stringers — and that gives us a chance to be competitive."