Recent Heisman Winners: Where Are They Now?

Recent Heisman Winners: Where Are They Now  – Image 1
*2011: Robert Griffin, III, QB, Baylor*

RG3 is the greatest young quarterback ever.

2010: Cam Newton, QB, Auburn

Cam Newton works as a professional quarterback in the NFL and is the former greatest young quarterback ever.

2009: Mark Ingram, Jr., RB, Alabama

Today Mark Ingram is known primarily as a running back that fantasy football team owners kick themselves for picking.

2008: Sam Bradford, QB, Oklahoma

Bradford's main claim to fame in present day is being the Heisman-winning Oklahoma quarterback who had a slightly better pro career than Jason White.

2007: Tim Tebow, QB, Florida

Five years after winning the Heisman, Tim Tebow works as a sports debate topic.

2006: Troy Smith, QB, Ohio State

Troy Smith is out of football. He fills his time wondering how he doesn't have a job while quarterbacks like Mark Sanchez and Ryan Lindley do.

2005: Reggie Bush, RB, USC

Bush, who had to give up his Heisman, now plays for a small, semi-professional football team in Miami that draws several hundred fans per game.

2004: Matt Leinart, QB, USC

Today Matt Leinart works for the Oakland Raiders, a team that provides employment services to failed USC quarterbacks.

2003: Jason White, QB, Oklahoma

White currently works as a professional guy who goes to the annual Heisman dinner for a free meal.

2002: Carson Palmer, QB, USC

Palmer still plays football and is on a quest to set the all-time record for pick-sixes.

2001: Eric Crouch, QB, Nebraska

Crouch appears at car dealerships and store openings that want to have a Heisman winner in attendance and are unable to afford Jason White's appearance fee.

2000: Chris Weinke, QB, Florida State

Weinke passed away in 2011 at the age of 87.