Kansas City Chiefs Announce They’re Becoming a Rec League Rugby Team

Kansas City Chiefs Announce Theyre Becoming a Rec League Rugby Team – Image 1
The Kansas City Chiefs announced today the franchise will no longer be a professional football organization, but instead will be the name of a team in the KC Metro Rec Rugby League.

"Look, it obviously wasn't an easy decision," said team chairman Clark Hunt, whose family has owned the franchise since 1963. "But there's no reason to fool ourselves. Football is clearly not our sport. However, we've got a lot of big, strong guys and I saw a flier about this rugby rec league at the super market and I thought, why not?"

The Chiefs will cease football operations immediately, meaning they will forfeit their final two games of the season, as they begin preparing for the rugby league which begins play in early March.

"I don't know any of the rules of rugby," said head coach Romeo Crennel. "I don't know how you score, I don't know any plays, if there are plays, I don't know if there is defense. I know absolutely nothing about the sport. So in a way, I feel just as qualified to coach rugby to this team as I do football."

Running back Peyton Hillis said he had a cousin who played rugby in college.

"I think you wear some weird headgear thing and carry a ball that's about the size of a watermelon," he said. "It's all running plays, which is cool, and you just tackle each other and then whoever is left at the end of the game who doesn't have any broken limbs goes out drinking. He loved it."

Hunt said the Chiefs franchise will keep with it many great memories of its years as a football team, "such as that season or whatever we had Joe Montana. That was pretty cool. And also getting to play with the smell of barbecue all around us."

The Chiefs are set to open their rugby season on March 2nd against Pete's House of Beef. Brady Quinn is scheduled to start at "whatever the main position is," said Crennel.