Jets Name Tim Tebow First-String Decoy

Jets Name Tim Tebow FirstString Decoy – Image 1
The New York Jets today named Tim Tebow first-string decoy, a role they hope will end the quarterback's disappointment over his status on the team and show him his value.

"Tim is an important part of this team," said head coach Rex Ryan. "There's not another guy on this team I'd want to force our opponent to prepare for a little bit, only to not play in a game at all. In my opinion, he's the best player in the NFL when it comes to not playing."

As first-string decoy, Tebow will get to stand in front of all of the other Jets' bench players, right on the edge of the field. He will also wear his helmet at all times, as though he is about to enter the game at any moment.

"It's obviously nice when your coaches recognize your abilities," said Tebow. "I'm pretty excited to wear my helmet and it is my goal to be the best decoy in the National Football League. I hope to go the the Pro Bowl this year as the AFC's decoy."

After announcing Tebow's promotion for an invented position, Ryan spent the rest of his time in front of the media talking about how the player is being incorporated into this week's game plan.

"Oh, yeah. This is definitely the week we unleash Tim in the wildcat," said Ryan. "Please be sure to pass that quote along to the Jaguars' coaches okay? Actually, I'm just going to text Mike Mularky. 'Mike … Tebow playing lots this week. Watch out. And prepare much.' Okay. I think we're good here."

The Jets also floated rumors today that Tebow has learned how to throw a football, an attempt to further try to confuse their opponents. A similar story was put out about Mark Sanchez, but Jacksonville's Mularkey immediately dismissed it.

"Jeez, I'm not that gullible," he said. "Sanchez blows."