Depressed Mark Sanchez Defaces His Wikipedia Page

Depressed Mark Sanchez Defaces His Wikipedia Page – Image 1
Mark Sanchez's NFL career somehow hit an even lower low on Monday night, as he threw four interceptions and fumbled in a horrid performance on Monday Night Football, almost single-handedly ending the New York Jets' slim playoff hopes.

The quarterback understandably sounded despondent in the post-game locker room and took considerable blame for his continued poor play. Social media also tore the quarterback to shreds, but perhaps the harshest critique of Sanchez came on his Wikipedia page, which was edited late Monday night with dozens of anti-Sanchez updates.

Sanchez's place of birth was changed to Stinktown, USA. His weight was edited to "approximate weight of one turd." Under the "Career highlights and awards" headings, three entries were added:

– 4-time NFL's Suckiest Suck Who Ever Sucked Award winner

– voted Most Likely to Just Chuck One Up Into Triple Coverage; and

– named Guy Who Should Have Listed to Coach Carroll and Stayed Another Year at USC, I'm So Screwed Now My Career is Over, My Endorsements Are Gone, I Suck, I'm Done and I'm Only 26, Oh God, I'm the Worst

The edits in the body of Sanchez's page were far less complimentary, and most of those contain too many profanities to reprint.

Yet perhaps the most remarkable thing is that the Wikipedia changes were not made by an angry Jets fan, but by Sanchez himself on his laptop as he waited for the team plane to takeoff.

"It's true, it was Sanchez," confirmed Wikipedia senior editor Greg Lewitt. "The edits were made by a TheSanchise6, which is Mark's user name."

Wikipedia said they will not change Sanchez's page back to it's original wording.

"All of that information came right from him," said Lewitt. "How can I say I know more about his own life than he does? If he says he was born in Stinktown, USA, then he was. "If he says he's won four Suckiest Suck Who Ever Sucked awards, I don't doubt it. Plus, I've seen him play."

Lewitt said that a few recent edits will be changed, however.

"A user named BigRex69 wrote some horribly distasteful and graphic things late last night on Mark's page, and also that Mark's major at USC was Coach Killing," he said. "That's just not factual. Everyone knows USC players didn't take classes when Pete Carroll was there."