22 Things Said by Desperate Fans of Teams Stuck with a Crappy Quarterback

20 Things Said by Homer Fans of a Team Stuck with a Crappy Quarterback – Image 2

1. Playing quarterback is about a lot more than just stats.

2. He'd look just as good as anyone else if he had any kind of line in front of him.

3. Once he gets some better receivers, you'll see.

4. It's the offensive coordinator's fault. That guy is an idiot.

5. Maybe if the defense made more plays, it wouldn't all be on him.

6. He gets all the blame when they lose, but none of the credit when they win.

7. Several of those interceptions weren't really his fault.

8. Put him in the right system and he'd be as good as anyone in the league.

9. He would get rid of the ball a lot faster if his receivers could get open.

10. I have watched all of his games and you probably haven't. I know how great he can be.

11. His receivers have dropped some great passes.

12. If the coaches took the handcuffs off and just let him make plays, great things would happen.

13. The coaches need to stop forcing him to make all the plays.

14. He just needs some help from a consistent running game.

15. You don't understand real football. Just because he's not a great fantasy quarterback doesn't mean he's not a great quarterback.

16. Lots of Hall of Fame quarterbacks had several so-called bad years before turning it on. Give him time.

17. The national media hates him for some reason.

18. Everyone always talks about his bad games, but you never hear about his good game.

19. He is far from the biggest problem on the team.

20. It would help a lot if he knew he had the support of the fans.

21. He has the support of his coaches and teammates, and that's all that matters.

22. He is elite.