What Your Favorite NBA Team Says About You

What Your Favorite NBA Team Says About You – Image 1

Eastern Conference

Atlanta Hawks: You wish all of the other stupid players on the court would get out of the way so Josh Smith could dunk.

Boston Celtics: You are outraged by the lack of loyalty shown by Ray Allen and are happy that lifelong Celtic Kevin Garnett called him out on it.

Brooklyn Nets: You wish the Nets would warm up to Mumford & Sons.

Chicago Bulls: You think Derrick Rose's adidas ACL rehab commercial is the most inspiring thing since Derrick Rose without a torn ACL.

Cleveland Cavaliers: You dream about trading your injured Tyler Zeller in on a new Cody Zeller.

Detroit Pistons: You are still hoping Tayshaun Prince will bulk up and become an inside force.

Indiana Pacers: You like basketball so much, you'll even watch the Indiana Pacers on nights that the Hoosiers aren't playing.

Miami Heat: You're excited because the Miami Heat jersey you bought two years ago is starting to look worn-in enough that you can almost pull of not being a bandwagon fan.

Milwaukee Bucks: You worry Brandon Jennings is wasting his talents in the NBA, when he could be a wide receiver for the Packers.

New York Knicks: Most of your dust rags and wash clothes are old Jeremy Lin shirtseys.

Orlando Magic: You consider the glory days of the Magic franchise to be when Dwight Howard lost his first few games with the Lakers.

Philadelphia 76ers: You have almost convinced yourself that Andrew Bynum will put it all together in Philadelphia.

Toronto Raptors: You sometimes wonder if the Raptors were created to make Toronto residents appreciate the Maple Leafs.

Washington Wizards: You are upset that you don't even have JaVale McGee to laugh at anymore during blowout defeats.