Tim Tebow Caught Trying to Start “Tebow” Chant

Tim Tebow Caught Trying to Start Tebow Chant – Image 2

by Ross Snow

Shortly after Jets QB Mark Sanchez turned the ball over for the 2nd time in Sunday’s Jets-Seahawks game, an extremely vocal Jets fan appeared to be attempting to start a chant for Jets backup quarterback Tim Tebow, before cameras revealed that the vocal fan was, in fact, Tebow himself.

“I’m happy with our gameplan, coach Ryan, and most importantly God,” said Tebow to sideline reporter Trisha Dotson, moments before being caught crouched underneath a bleacher railing, repeatedly chanting TE-BOW in what sounded like an altered, deeper voice. “I couldn’t do any of this without God.”

“Yeah, that was definitely Tebow,” said Jets left tackle, D'Brickashaw Ferguson. “He uses that voice when he’s yelling for other players to get off of him in pileups. I think he thinks it’s more intimidating. He calls it his ‘scary, get off me’ voice.”

Regardless of the voice used, the crowd did not partake in the chant; most likely knowing the third year quarterback would bring equal if not worse results. Also, the fact the Jets were playing in Seattle may have factored into the chant not catching on.

“Honestly, I don’t know what he was expecting. Maybe he was hoping he could get the chant started here because the Seattle fans haven’t watched him ruin countless third and short situations this season,” said one Jets fan in attendance. “Maybe he thinks they still believe the hype?”

While Tebow couldn’t be reached for comment after the game, a printed out boxscore taped to his locker with his stat line of 3-for-3 for 8 yards with "100% COMPLETION" written in what appeared to be crayon, seemed
to imply the backup quarterback is ready for his chance to start.

“It’s not happening. I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again, Mark Sanchez is our starting quarterback,” said Jets coach Rex Ryan during a post-game press conference, before being interrupted.

“But why? Tebow’s arm is super strong and he’s super good and I’m pretty sure even God’s ready,” said a "reporter" before being directed back to the locker room and given "‘til the count of three."

“One…two. Good. Any other questions?” said Ryan, pausing briefly. "And not about that.”