Struggling “Lakers” Reality Show Picked Up for Remainder of Season

Lakers Reality Show Picked Up for the Remainder of the Season – Image 1
"Los Angeles Lakers," the L.A.-based basketball reality show, was picked up for the entirety of the 2012-2013 season after cast changes intended to make the series more exciting and successful.

"While full of drama, we were disappointed by the start of the season," said David Levy, president of Turner Sports, which shows "Lakers" on TNT. "I think the change at coach should help get 'Lakers' to where we want it to be." The show also airs on ABC, ESPN, NBA TV and locally in Los Angeles.

"Lakers" features a diverse cast. There is Kobe, an aging champion who can be surly and selfish; Dwight, a large, talented man with image problems; Metta, an insane person; Pau, a weird-looking man from Spain; and Steve, an old lesbian from Canada. All five personalities are put together with other teammates in the big city of Los Angeles in an attempt to win a basketball title. Now the cast adds Mike D'Antoni as its new coach, replacing Mike Brown.

"We wish Mike well, but he was boring and ineffective and didn't fit well with the rest of the cast," said "Lakers" executive producer Mitch Kupchak. "And I feared Kobe would kill him. That might have been great for ratings, but this production isn't insured for something like that."

D'Antoni says he is looking forward to being part of the show.

"I am a reality show vet," he said. "I was on 'Knicks' for part of last year. You know, the season with Jeremy Lin? Reality TV is always crazy, but I'm actually hoping this show can be a little more chill."