Steve Spurrier Says the Kansas City Chiefs Could Beat Several College Teams

Steve Spurrier Says the Chiefs Could Beat Several College Teams – Image 1
South Carolina head coach Steve Spurrier stated today that he feels the Kansas City Chiefs could give a good game to three or four teams in college football.

"Not BCS conference teams, of course," said Spurrier. "But a team like New Mexico State or Akron? Sure. I really think the Chiefs would keep it close with maybe even a chance to win on the last possession. Matt Cassel would then fumble and the Chiefs would lose, but it would be a moral victory for them."

The Chiefs have not had a lead during a single play of regulation throughout the entire first half of the season and six of their seven losses have been by double digits.

"All due respect to Steve Spurrier, but I think that it's a ridiculous thing to say that we could possibly beat a few college teams," said Chiefs head coach Romeo Crennel. "New Mexico State beat Sacramento State. That's a solid squad. I really doubt we'd stick with the Aggies. Think about it — our quarterback, Matt Cassel, didn't even start in college."

Crennel also said Kansas City's college opponent would have a clear coaching advantage.

"If it's not obvious already, I have no idea what I'm doing out there," he said. "I'm just taking a paycheck and putting it in savings for as long as I can."

Spurrier later backed off his statement.

"You guys are too easy to fool," he said. "Do I really think the Chiefs could beat a college team? Hell, no. Do I think Alabama could beat an NFL team? Not a chance — outside of the Chiefs, of course."