More Than 12 Jets Players Receive a Gift Basket from a “Mark S.”

More Than 12 Jets Players Receive a Gift Basket from a Mark S  – Image 1
Gift baskets were found in front of the lockers of more than 12 Jets players when the team arrived at their Florham Park, NJ, practice facility this morning. Each gift basket had a note attached to it that read "With gratitude. From Mark S."

"Mark S.? Do I know a Mark S.?" Jets lineman Matt Slauson, who was quoted ripping Tim Tebow's abilities the previous day, wondered aloud. "Who is this from?"

Jets' starting quarterback Mark Sanchez then began clearing his throat loudly and winking in Slauson's direction.

"Oh. Right. Mark SSSSSS.," Slauson said, noticing Sanchez trying to catch his attention. "Gotta love Mark S."

The 12-plus gift baskets suspiciously matched the same number of Jets who anonymously spoke to the New York Daily News yesterday and had negative things to say about Tebow. Sanchez said he didn't make the connection.

"Oh, really? I didn't even see any gift baskets. Gift baskets? I didn't get one. If I was giving out gift baskets, wouldn't I give one to myself? It doesn't even make sense," he said, refusing to make eye contact. "And what's this news story you're talking about? I don't follow the news. And I definitely wasn't one of the 'more than 12' who said negative things about Tim, if that's even what the news story you're referring to was about."

Tebow continued to conduct himself in a dignified manner despite the locker room attacks, and refused to comment on the gift baskets. But a source close to him said the incident showed again how clueless his teammates are.

"If Jets players will continue supporting an NFL bust because he gives them a basket with some beer and nuts and jerky, that's on them," said a friend of Tebow's. "Instead of gift baskets, Tim can give them wins. Also, if they talk with him for a few minutes and listen to the good news of the gospel, he can also help give them eternal life. Losing and beer or winning and being immortal. Their call."