Aging Knicks Hoping to Hang On for Just 31 More Weeks

Aging Knicks Hoping to Hang On for Just 31 More Weeks – Image 1
Despite having the oldest roster in NBA history, the New York Knicks are off to a surprising 6-0 start, including a win over the defending champion Heat at home and an impressive road victory over the San Antonio Spurs.

"We feel good about where we are. We think we're playing the best basketball in the NBA," said 40 year-old power forward Kurt Thomas. "Now it's just about maintaining this level through to the NBA Finals in June. Oh, god. It's only mid-November, isn't it? Shit. I'm exhausted."

The Knicks are the only remaining undefeated team in the NBA and head coach Mike Woodson says it might be time to start resting his veterans for the postseason.

"It's not because we're undefeated, I just don't know how much these guys have left in the tank," said Woodson. "I mean, we have back-to-back road games. I honestly doubt that Marcus Camby or Rasheed Wallace will be able to get out of bed tomorrow without the use of a wheelchair. Bodies that age aren't made for this. I feel like a jerk just putting them out on the court."

Woodson continued on to tell a story about an old labrador he had growing up.

"He got hip dysplasia and was in a lot of pain and we eventually had to put him down," said Woodson. "But up until that point, did I force him to run around in the yard? Of course not. It hurt him too much. Yet with this roster I have to play old guys all the time. It's killing me. I feel like a monster."

The Knicks hope to get an injection of youth in a few weeks when center Amar'e Stoudemire returns from injury.

"Having young guys like Amar'e around make me feel young," Thomas said of his 30 year-old teammate. "Both because of his youthful energy and because he's so brittle and pain-stricken that my aches and pains and arthritis and hearing problems and dementia feel like nothing."