10,000 Fans Meet at Airport to Greet Eagles’ Team Plane with Rocks

10,000 Fans Meet at Airport to Greet Eagles Team Plane with Rocks – Image 1
The Philadelphia Eagles' plane returned from Washington, D.C., on Sunday night after a 31-6 loss to the Redskins to find more than 10,000 Eagles fans waiting for the team on the tarmac.

The angry mob was spotted by head coach Andy Reid out of his front-seat window as the plane rolled to a stop.

"Abort! Stop landing! Take off again! Take off!" a panicked Reid yelled towards the cockpit, hoping the pilot would get the plane in the air again before it was overrun. But it was too late. Rocks, batteries and bricks began to rain down on the fuselage, while the plane tires were slashed with pitchforks.

Within minutes, Eagle coaches were being ripped from the plane and torn limb from limb. One fan was wearing offensive coordinator Marty Mornhinweg's rib cage as a hat, the coach's heart being used in a game of hacky sack, while defensive coordinator Todd Bowles was slowly being fed into the still spinning blades of the jet engine.

The enraged mob found tearing the giant body of head coach Andy Reid apart much more difficult. Reid repeatedly screamed "We have to do better, and that includes me!" during the attack. He was finally torn in half when airport luggage carts tied to his arms and legs accelerated in opposite directions.

Philadelphia police and Philadelphia International Airport security eventually stepped in to calm the situation.

"We let everyone snap a picture with the bodies or take a body part and then sent everyone home," said police commissioner Charles Ramsey. "There will be no charges filed. This was a justified attack. It's was a long-time coming."