Warren Moon Says Criticism of Blaine Gabbert is Not Racially Motivated: “He just sucks”

Warren Moon Says Criticism of Blaine Gabbert is Not Racially Motivated: He just sucks  – Image 1
Hall of Fame quarterback Warren Moon sprang to the defense of embattled second-year Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton this week, saying that much of the criticism directed at Newton has racial overtones. Moon also attempted to draw a contrast and show he doesn't throw charges of racism around lightly by comparing Newton to other quarterbacks.

"Cam isn't the only second-year quarterback in the NFL being criticized," said Moon. "Look at Blaine Gabberd or Glabber or whatever his name is. That disaster playing quarterback for the Jaguars. That guy sucks major ass and people are saying he sucks major ass. And it has nothing to do with the color of his skin. White, black, red, yellow, purple – it wouldn't matter. He's completely worthless and that fact is being acknowledged independent of race."

If there's any racial tones in play with Gabbert, said Moon, it would be that "maybe because he is white, he doesn't get criticized enough for how awful he is."

"You could dump on that guy 24 hours a day and still you wouldn't get to all the ways he sucks," said Moon. "That said, I don't necessarily think he's being mocked to a lesser degree because he is white. It's more that people don't want to be rude and overdo it. Not only is the guy talentless, he plays for the Jacksonville Jaguars. How much scorn does one person deserve, even if that person is as shitty at quarterback as Blake Zabbard is? I mean, okay, we've established the guy blows. What more can really be said?"

Gabbert said he appreciated Moon's support.

"I am honored to be compared in any way to Cam Newton," he said. "I would give anything for people to think I'm just in a slump instead of always and forever terrible."