The 25 Biggest Douchebags in Sports: Voting Results and Recap

The 25 Biggest Douchebags in Sports: Voting Results and Recap – Image 1

From a list of more than 75 athletes, SportsPickle asked readers to vote on who is the biggest douchebag in sports. After 369,097 votes, here are the results.

#25 – Mark Cuban

The 25 Biggest Douchebags in Sports: Voting Results and Recap – Image 1

Mark Cuban is proof that money can't buy you non-doucheitude. In fact, all it does is allow you to afford more graphic tees and rounds of beer for your bros. Cuban has a long way to go, though. In a billionaire douche-off, he would get routed by Donald Trump.

#24 – Sean Avery

Coming in at No. 24, Avery is the highest-ranked hockey player on the list. When you beat out Patrick Kane in a douche competition, you know you've achieved greatness in the field of douchery.

#23 – Kellen Winslow, Jr.

The national dislike of Kellen Winslow, Jr.: Forever proof that America doesn't support all of its troops.

#22 – John Calipari

John Calipari as douchebag: one title that will never be stripped from him.

#21 – Tony Romo

His time with Jessica Simpson and love of stupid hats secured his place on the list. It's his greatest career accomplishment besides that one playoff win.

#20 – Kobe Bryant

Shaq is retired now. He obviously is spending his free time stuffing the ballot box.

#19 – Kris Humphries

You can get divorced from a Kardashian, but you can never rid yourself of the douchedom that comes from associating with one. Nor can you rid yourself of the venereal diseases.

#18 – Josh Beckett

He has spent his career in Miami, Boston and Los Angeles. Somehow he made those towns even douchier with his presence. An amazing accomplishment.

#17 – Cristiano Ronaldo

Proof that soccer still doesn't get much attention in the United States. If this was an international poll, Ronaldo would be Top 5 easy. It seems his douche brand strength just isn't truly global. Yet.

#16 – Jonathan Papelbon

He only pitches for one inning a few times a week, yet that is enough time to earn him elite douche cred. If he was an everyday player, he might win this in a rout.