Ozzie Guillen Spray Paints “Castro #1” on Marlins Stadium on Way Out of Town

Ozzie Guillen Spray Paints Castro 1 on Marlins Stadium on Way Out of Town – Image 1
Former Miami Marlins manager Ozzie Guillen left a going-away message on his former team's stadium yesterday upon being fired after just one year on the job. Team staff members noticed Guillen had spray-painted "CASTRO #1" in giant letters on the outside of Marlins Stadium before driving off.

"Yeah, suck on that, you f—kers!" Guillen yelled, peeling out of the parking lot in his Camaro. "Viva la Castro! Viva la revolucion!"

Guillen got off to a bad start in Miami in a preseason interview in which he stated that he respects Cuban dictator Fidel Castro. The manager later backed off of those comments under pressure, but his actions on Tuesday suggest his opinion hasn't changed.

The combative manager also took out a full-page ad in today's Miami Herald in which he thanked the citizens of Miami for his time in their "shit town full of disgusting Cuban sandwiches that taste like pig assholes. Drown yourselves in the filthy ocean waters of South Beach. Fidel > Miami."

Marlins' general manager Michael Hill says that so far fan reaction to Guillen's dismissal has been positive.

"Yeah, we heard from him," said Hill. "He says he is going to buy another ticket package this season. Now we just need him to tell his friends. You know, spread the word."