New Statistic WAR-ROD to Measure Postseason Wins Above Replacing A-Rod

New Statistic WARROD to Measure Postseason Wins Above Replacing ARod – Image 1
Major League Baseball announced a new officially recognized statistic today that will be used exclusively in the postseason and will evaluate players on how much better they are than postseason Alex Rodriguez.

"We are always open to new ways for fans to dig into baseball and evaluate and debate the talents of our players," said MLB spokesman Jeff Bourne. "And Bill James' new WARROD statistic really fills a hole we had, which was quantifying exactly how awful Alex Rodriguez is in the postseason compared to everyone else."

Rodriguez is 1-for-12 with seven strikeouts so far in the postseason, setting the baseline 0.0 WARROD. Nationals outfielder Bryce Harper, who is 1-for-15 with six strikeouts, has a -0.1 WARROD — meaning he is somehow more useless in the postseason than Rodriguez. New York's Raul Ibanez, however, has an 11.0 WARROD — meaning he is worth 11 more postseason wins to his team if he replaced Rodriguez every game.

"Basically I hate the Yankees and drank a bottle of wine one night and decided to come up with a sabermetric stat that shows how awful A-Rod is in the playoffs," says James. "The formula might not completely check out as I was full or merlot, but the crux is there: A-Rod blows."

While the WARROD statistic is currently only used for postseason games, MLB's Bourne said it could be adopted for the regular season, as well.

"A-Rod's skills are rapidly declining and he's got five years left on his contract," said the spokesman. "He's going to be sucky playoff A-Rod all year long. It would be great to mathematically mock him for that."

Yankees manager Joe Girardi said he likely will not use WARROD in making lineup decisions.

"I'm not a huge sabermetric guy," he said. "Baseball can't be managed by computers. You have to see your team day after day, see them in the clubhouse, talk to them, get a sense of where they are physically and mentally. Computers can't do that. But, yeah, I totally think we'd be better with A-Rod on the bench, I'm just coming at it more from a seeing him fail with my own eyes point of view. There's no computer that can measure how bad he is like your own eyes can."