Jay Cutler Mocks His Teammates for Wearing Pink Gloves and Shoes

Jay Cutler Mocks His Teammates for Wearing Pink Gloves and Shoes – Image 1
Teammates say Bears quarterback Jay Cutler spent the majority of their Monday night victory over the Dallas Cowboys making fun of them for wearing pink gloves and shoes to recognize Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

"Every time he would give me the ball on a handoff, he would say 'Nice gloves, gaywad,'" said Michael Bush. "We're all used to him being a prick. But making fun of someone for supporting cancer awareness is a new low even for him."

After being made fun of for two quarters and all of halftime, several of Cutler's teammates confronted him about his behavior on the sidelines during the third quarter. Wide receiver Brandon Marshall told Cutler that he had lost an aunt to breast cancer and that the fight against the disease is very important to him. Kellen Davis, Devin Hester and Robbie Gould echoed Marshall.

"I'm sorry, ladies aren't allowed to talk to players on the sideline," said Cutler. "If you need tampons, you can probably buy them in the women's bathroom," he added, high-fiving himself.

Cutler had his best game of the season in the victory and credited his offensive line for giving him solid protection all night long.

"I only got sacked twice," he said in the post-game press conference. "My line did pretty well for a bunch of pink-clad homos. They're totally changing my impression about queers."