A-Rod on ALCS Defeat: “On the bright side, now we all have more time to get laid”

ARod: On the bright side, now we all have more time to get laid – Image 1
The New York Yankees were swept out of the American League Championship Series by the Detroit Tigers in a series that somehow seemed even more unbalanced than 4-0. But third baseman Alex Rodriguez was able to keep things in perspective and look at the bright side after the final out was recorded.

"Obviously, you want to end every season with a trip to the World Series," he said. "But that only happens for two of 30 teams. As for the rest of us, we console ourselves by going eyes-deep in poon. It's not a bad consolation prize."

Rodriguez made his comments while surrounded by women in the hallway outside of the Yankee locker room.

"This is Heather. She's a dancer," said Rodriguez. "And this here is Candi. She caught my eye when I was grounding out. Check this out," Rodriguez said, and began motorboating the woman as she giggled. "They're real."

Despite the half dozen or so women he picked up during the elimination game, Rodriguez dismissed the idea that he was not focused on the action on the field.

"You want me to only focus on the field and not try to set up hook-ups with women I see in the crowd?" he said. "Fine. Next time a pop up drifts a foot or two into foul territory, I won't catch it because you want me to only focus on the field. See how dumb your argument is now? I threw that right back in your face."

The Yankees are reportedly looking to get rid of the 37 year-old Rodriguez this offseason — a feat that will be difficult due to the declining former star player being owed $114 million over the next five years. Rodriguez says he will be back and better than ever.

"I had some injuries this year," he said. "But I plan to rest this offseason and let my body recuperate. I'm only having three-ways. I hardly have to do anything but lay there. It's great."