Michael Strahan Jumps into Crowd After Successful “Live! With Kelly” Taping, Kills 3

Michael Strahan Jumps into Crowd After Successful Live With Kelly Taping, Kills 3 – Image 1

by Ross Snow

Just days after signing on to be the new co-host of 'Live with Kelly,' former New York Giant, Michael Strahan, has been charged with involuntary manslaughter after a celebratory jump into the crowd killed 3, wounding 6.

"After the show ended, everyone was cheering and I saw him run towards the crowd. I thought he was gonna give high fives or something but then I saw him jump," said one traumatized audience member in attendance. "And then the bones — oooh the snapping of the bones. I'll never be able to unhear those sounds."

Strahan, the 6'5", 275 lb. former defensive end, jumped into the crowd in an act similar to the Lambeau Leap, and while the surprised crowd of mainly middle aged housewives and retirees initially tried supporting the Pro Bowlers weight, it was just a matter of time before they gave way.

"It was horrific," said John Stamos, the show's second guest. "And he was smiling the whole time. He didn't even realize what happened until he got up."

While his 3 counts of involuntary manslaughter carry a maximum jail time of 12 years, many think he will get much less — if any jail time at all — as most of the victims families are inexplicably considering dropping charges.

"He's just so darn likeable," said Lynnette Wilson, 85-year-old mother of one of the victims. "He even stayed after the show and autographed all sorts of memorabilia for us. Look at that," she said, pointing to the 1993 Topps Stadium Club rookie card Strahan included. "I can't press charges against that face."