Girl from “McKayla Maroney is Not Impressed” Meme Reportedly an Accomplished Gymnast

Girl from McKayla Maroney is Not Impressed Meme Reportedly an Accomplished Gymnast – Image 1
According to a recent interview with McKayla Maroney, the angry, twisted face girl who gained fame for the "McKayla Maroney is Not Impressed" meme that swept the Internet last month, she has has an interesting backstory that includes an impressive resume in the sport of gymnastics.

"I get stopped all the time on the street and people are like: 'Ohmigod! You are that girl who does the face! Do it! Do it! Do it!" said Maroney. "And I do it. I'm happy to be famous for something. But there is actually much more to me than just the face that earned me my moment of fame."

When not making her face, Maroney works as a gymnast, flipping and tumbling around – the non-face parts of her body, remarkably, are what she has spent most of her life training.

"I'm kind of good actually," says Maroney. "I was in the Olympics for it and everything. It was pretty great."

And that's where the meme girl's story gets even more remarkable: it turns out the infamous "not impressed" photo was taken at the Olympics, an athletics festival held every four years, after she failed to win a gold medal.

"Strange but true," said Maroney, laughing. "It was on national TV, too. On tape delay. But it was still on. If you track the history of the meme, it actually goes back to the Olympics when they were held in London. Amazing, right?"

Maroney says her dream is to earn her way into the public consciousness as a gymnast, but also won't turn away face-related opportunities that come her way.

"If someone is going to pay me to make that face, sure I'll go anywhere," she said. "But I'd take less money if they'd also let me flip around and do gymnastics stuff. It might sound crazy, but that's what I'd love to be known for."

Unfortunately, that dream is unlikely to come true.

"It's hard to find as much time these days to practice my gymnastics," she said. "This weekend alone I have to make my face at four different county fairs and two kid birthday parties. I have to take the work while it's still there. One day people might be sick of the face."