Voting Results: The Next Summer Olympics Sport

Voting Results: The Next Summer Olympics Sport – Image 1

Golf and Rugby will be added to the Olympics in 2016. From a list of more than 50 sports, SportsPickle asked readers to vote on which sports should be added next. After 74,000 votes, here are the results.

25. Ultramarathon Running Voting Results: The Next Summer Olympics Sport – Image 2

Because 26.2 miles is for pussies. In real sports, you go until your organs start shutting down.

24. Roller Hockey

The IOC could help destroy the rollerblade stigma. Maybe.

23. Jai alai

The Olympics are lacking a sport with wicker equipment.

22. Cricket

Surely they could get close to finishing a match in the two-plus weeks the Olympics last.

21. Flag Football

In case the IOC thinks regular American football would murder too many non-Americans, the flag version is safer yet would still earn the United States a gold.

20. 3-on-3 Basketball

LeBron, Durant, Chris Paul. Decent team there. And a great way to pad Team USA's medal count.

19. Indoor Soccer

It's like outdoor soccer, but without the dangerous exposure to UV rays.

18. Kickboxing

Because Judo and Taekwondo are in the Olympics. Who is the IOC to judge ways to kick people?

17. Australian Rules Football

Oooh! Crocodile Wrestling could be a sport, too. Let's not overlook all the weird activities the Australians have to offer.

16. Beach Soccer

People once scoffed at Beach Volleyball, too. But then they saw the scantily clad women. Surely Beach Soccer players can be convinced to also not wear clothes.

15. Surfing

Sharks are not attracted to the smell of medals, so there is no reason to keep this out of the Summer Games.

14. Cross Country

Unbeknownst to the IOC, some humans have been known to run on non-track surfaces. Strange but true.

13. Cornhole

Letting Cornhole into the Games would mean an Olympic sport could be contested while fans are in the parking lot tailgating before other Olympic sports.

12. Mini Golf

Regular golf is in the Olympics starting in 2016. Why not let the golfers' kids compete in something, too?

11. Racquetball/Squash

Just imagine how pumped that 50 year-old guy at your gym would be if his beloved sport of Racquetball makes it into the Olympics before he dies of a heart attack while playing.