U.S. Women’s Gymnastics Team Inspires Tiny, Muscular Girls Across the Nation

US Womens Gymnastics Team Inspires Tiny, Muscular Girls Across the Nation – Image 1
The U.S. women's gymnastics team took gold in the team competition on Tuesday night, achieving their lifelong dreams and inspiring a whole new generation of miniature girls with muscles and pulled back hair.

"My daughter Kyla is really really tiny but she has an almost alarming amount of muscles for someone so small," said Jeff Grayson, an Atlanta father, of his 8 year-old daughter. "We didn't know what to do with her. We wonder if she would have to be institutionalized. But now she can't stop talking about being a gymnast. She's really excited."

The Graysons are like families all across the country.

"Our little Kendra is 9 years old and only two-feet tall," said Mindy Matthews of Spokane, Wash. "We assumed she would have to live with us forever because someone so tiny and with such a squeaky voice is unlikely to ever get married or have a career. But now we all have a goal thanks to those ripped sprites of the gymnastics team. Thanks, little ladies!"

Gymnastics centers have already seen a spike in attendance in memberships.

"We were packed today," said Joyce McAllister, who owns Gold Gymnastics Center in Atlanta. "Granted, I didn't realize it for about an hour or two because all the girls were so little I didn't notice them until they all started squeaking at once to get my attention. I hope I didn't step on any."

Michael Phelps' record-setting Olympic medal has also caused an increase in children who aren't good at normal sports trying swimming.