Seahawks to Pay Terrell Owens a $1,200 Bonus if He Doesn’t Single-handedly Destroy the Team

Seahawks to Play Terrell Owens a 1,200 Bonus if He Doesnt Singlehandedly Destroy the Team – Image 1
The Seattle Seahawks have inked free agent Terrell Owens to a one-year, $1 million contract and believe they have structured the deal in a way that encourages the combative, 38 year-old receiver to be on his best behavior.

"Sure, everyone has heard the talk about Terrell. Everyone knows the stigma," said Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll. "But there is the stick and the carrot, and I believe we have offered a very attractive carrot."

In addition to the $1 million guaranteed base salary, Owens is due a $1,200 bonus — payable in 12, $100 monthly payments — if he manages to not be the sole reason the Seahawks have a terrible season.

"Will T.O. want to be an asshole and divide the locker room the first time a pass doesn't hit him in the hands?" said Carroll. "Sure, that comes naturally to him. Ahh, but now that there is $1,200 on the line? He'll have to think twice."

The Seahawks have a similar arrangement with running back Marshawn Lynch, paying him a $20 bonus each day he doesn't commit a crime.

"So far that has been really successful with Marshawn, as most days he hasn't committed crimes," said Carroll. "Usually we're paying him an extra 80 or 100 bucks a week which he primarily puts towards bail money."

Owens accepted the contract provision but said it won't affect him.

"I don't play for money," he said. "That's not the kind of player I am. I play for me."