If NFL Players Were in Your Fantasy League

If NFL Players Were in Your Fantasy League – Image 1

Michael Vick … is the guy whose team collapses a game or two into the season because of all the injuries.

Marshawn Lynch … is the guy who is drunk for the entire draft.

Drew Brees … is the guy who has a frosty relationship with the league commissioner due to some bad blood between the two.

Tom Brady … is the guy who co-manages his team with his wife and has to run everything by her.

Arian Foster … is the guy who brings to the draft some sort of salad/tofu concoction that no one eats.

Rob Gronkowski … is the guy whose fantasy football e-mails you're afraid to open at work because he often attaches porn photos to his e-mails.

Wes Welker … is the guy who thinks he's a fantasy football genius, but has merely been lucky to have had a dominant quarterback on his team.

Tony Romo … is the guy whose team falls apart every year right before the playoffs.

Mike Wallace … is the guy who always wants the league payouts to be higher.

Peyton Manning … is the fantasy football nerd who studies stacks and stacks of information for the draft and all season long, yet still has less success in the league than his lucky idiot brother.

Randy Moss … is the guy who quits as soon as his team loses a game.

Terrell Owens … is the guy who is offered an invitation to the league for the final spot when everyone is out of other people to ask.

Joe Flacco … is the guy who always talks about how awesome he is at fantasy football, yet has never won a single league he's been in.

Tim Tebow … is the guy who everyone likes having in the league just so they can make fun of him.

Larry Fitzgerald … is the guy who uses his first three picks on quarterbacks.