If Famous Sports Movies Were About the Olympics

If Famous Sports Movies Were About the Olympics – Image 1

Eight Men Out

Olympic Badminton competitors are thrown out of the Olympics for losing on purpose.

Alternate title: "BADminton"

Chariots of Fire

British athletes perform much better at the London 2012 Olympics than most expected, allowing their countrymen to breathe a big sigh of relief and at least temporarily avoid getting mocked by the rest of the world.

Alternate title: "It Could Have Been Much Worse"


A little-known Olympic boxing judge enables a huge upset by accepting a bribe from an inferior boxer's handlers.

Alternate title: "Same Old Boxing'


An unathletic loser lives his dream of playing for a sports powerhouse.

Alternate title: "Laettner"

"Major League"

Misreading the TV ratings of Olympic women's soccer as sustainable, a group of idiot businessmen decide to launch a professional women's soccer league.

Alternate title: "Failed Women's Soccer League 5"


A horse face wins every race.

Alternate title: "Michael Phelps"

"Jerry Maguire"

An agent hustles to get his medal-winning Olympian client an endorsement contract before the athlete's fame vanishes after the Olympics.

Alternate title: "How Ryan Lochte Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Pistachios"

"White Men Can't Jump"

The U.S. men's basketball team bests France, Lithuania, Argentina and Australia on the way to an Olympic gold.

Alternate title: "White Men Can't Jump at Basketball, Although They're Surprisingly Good Now at Long Jump"


A fake sport is invented

Alternate title: "Synchronized Swimming"


An inspirational team defeats everyone from supposedly bigger and better places.

Alternate title: "North Korean State Sports News"

"The Natural"

A man who is naturally fast beats everyone all the time at sprinting because being naturally fast is the sole requirement for being a champion sprinter.

Alternate title: "The Natural: The Usain Bolt Story"