Baseball Cards Found in Attic Sell for $27.50

Baseball Cards Found in Attic Sell for 2750 – Image 1
The discovery of decades-old baseball cards in an Ohio attic isn't going to make anyone super-rich even though it's being called one of the most exciting finds in the attic since the home's owner bought the house last week.

"We were putting things in storage up in the attic and I saw a few baseball card boxes and binders sitting over in the corner near some mousetraps," said Keith Murray, who bought the house with his wife, Kim, last month. "I was so excited. I've heard about finds like this — a guy finds a Honus Wagner in the attic and becomes rich. Unfortunately, that wasn't the case for us. I'll still have to go to work on Monday."

Murray took the collection downstairs and eagerly opened the boxes and binders.

"Completely worthless," he said. "Bunch of crappy cards from the late 80s or early '90s. Even though there were some cards of good players, they were all guys whose careers have been tainted by steroids. Worthless. The saddest part is that the guy had a 50-page binder full of Gregg Jefferies and Ben McDonald rookie cards. All mint. All worth nothing. I really hope the former owner wasn't counting on these things as in investment, because he'd be totally screwed."

The new owner of the depressing collection put it out on the curb with the trash, but they caught the eye of a neighbor kid.

"Well, actually, my first idea was to take them to a baseball card shop and sell them for whatever I could get," said Murray. "But then I realized baseball card shops don't exist anymore. So I ended up selling them to the neighbor kid for $27.50. I really ripped him off. Ripping people off was always the best part of trading baseball cards. It took me back."

Murray's wife made a find of her own in the attic — a Beanie Baby collection.

"I used them to scrub the grout in the basement bathroom," she said.