Paterno Family investigation concludes that “Joe was a child predator-enabling liar”

Paterno Family investigation concludes that Joe was a child predatorenabling monster – Image 1
The family of the late Joe Paterno announced the findings today of its own investigation into the circumstances surrounding Jerry Sandusky's more than 13-year reign of terror on the Penn State campus. The investigation also included a full review of the Freeh report which fingered Paterno, and other Penn State leaders, for repeatedly failing to stop Sandusky.

"We said all along that we were simply interested in a hearing of the facts," said Jay Paterno at a morning press conference. "And the facts are in. My father, Joe, knowingly allowed a man suspected to be a child rapist to continue to operate in the open, and didn't even stop Jerry Sandusky from using the Penn State football program as a means to lure in his victims. I never wanted this to be true, but again — facts are facts."

Jay Paterno said it was important for his family to conduct a legitimate investigation.

"Our family's good name has suffered enough he already," he said. "Running a sham quote-unquote 'investigation' that was merely a cover to have our high-priced attorneys craft some sort of bullshit, delusional spin about my father's role in all of this wouldn't have done any good. No, getting the full truth out for the victims was always our intent. And beyond that, we as a family want to regain our credibility."

Paterno's other son, Scott Paterno, said that his father's great failing late in his life unfortnately overshadows all the good he accomplished in his career.

"Sad but true. Sad but true," said Scott. "Did he do a lot of good? Sure. But we have to wonder now about the reasons he did those good things. Were they cynical moves to build a positive image? Who knows. But still, all the good he did is completely tainted by the fact that he failed to protect dozens of innocent children. There really is no greater failing in life. It's disgusting."

With all the facts now out, the Paterno Family says it's time for everyone to move on and focus on the victims and on forever changing the football-first culture at Penn State.

"While we appreciated all of the support and loyalty our father was shown, facts are facts. He does not deserve that support because, despite all of his power, he did nothing to support and protect those kids," said Jay Paterno. "Penn Staters, from Franco Harris to the everyday fan on the street, should not keep living in delusion. They're embarrassing themselves and the university."