New York Post Lays Off Its 32-Person Jeremy Lin Pun Staff

New York Post Lays Off Its 32Person Jeremy Lin Pun Staff – Image 1
New York Post managing editor Frank Zini reportedly met with nearly three dozen staffers today to inform them that they no longer had jobs in light of the New York Knicks decision to not re-sign Jeremy Lin.

"I'm out of a job," confirmed Jeff Sierman, who ran the Post's 32-person Jeremy Lin pun staff. "I thought the Knicks would keep Jeremy forever and that I would have as much job security as you can in this business. But, suddenly, I'm jobless and desperate for linterviews."

The New York Daily News also is reportedly about to get rid of it's 14-person Jeremy Lin pun staff.

"I wish the Knicks realized there are a lot of jobs on the line here," said Daily News Chief Lin Pun and Wordplay Editor Michael Ranuado. "And for the record, when I said 'line' there, I mean for the L-I-N part to be accentuated."

Most of the New York media members who have lost their jobs due to Lin's departure will seek jobs in Houston, where Lin will play with the Rockets. But there will be far fewer Lin pun-based jobs there.

"HousLIN has less of a tabloid LINdustry," said Sierman. "A lot of people are going to be forced to change their career path, maybe even engage in actual jouranaLINsm. It's sad."

The Daily News' Ranuado says he regrets all of the Lin puns he never used.

"I was trying to pace myself, thinking he'd be here forever," says Ranuado. "Had I known it was only going to last a few weeks, we would have really forced them LIN there. You know, been less subtle-LIN all the time LIN."