Foreign Person Wins Olympic Medal

Foreign Person Wins Olympic Medal – Image 1
The good mood at the London 2012 Olympics was tempered a bit today when a person who isn't from your country won a medal.

"I didn't care to see that all," said a fellow countrymen in attendance. "I didn't recognize the name and it just seemed, well … foreign to me. I'll be honest, I would have gotten into the event a lot more if that medal had gone to someone from my country. But with a foreigner winning? I really don't care."

Worst of all, it wasn't just one medal that went to a foreigner, but all three: gold, silver and bronze.

"The chances I watch this sport again are pretty slim," said a viewer. "Now I know why it was on one of those weird extra channels of coverage. They only put the sports on their that my country is lousy at. I don't have enough time to sit around watching my country lose to no-names from who knows where."

A quick look at the London 2012 medal count shows that foreigners have dominated the haul so far, continuing their run of success since the first Olympic Games.

"They're tough to beat," said an Olympic competitor. "There are so many of them and they come from everywhere. I guess that's why it's so nice when you beat them."

Foreigners are scheduled to take on your country in several sports again tomorrow.