The Top 10 Sort-of-Okay NBA Draft Picks of ALL-TIME

#6 – Greg Ostertag — 1995 No. 28 overall, Jazz

The Top 10 SortofOkay NBA Draft Picks of ALLTIME – Image 2

Ostertag is generally referenced as a punchline. He was goofy looking and awkward and generally a stiff. Yet Ostertag still started 321 games during his career and was a part of some good Utah teams. So while he was a goofy looking, awkward stiff, Utah only spent the 28th pick on him. Countless NBA teams have used lottery picks to take equally goofy and awkward-looking stiffs.

#7 – Gheorghe Muresan — 1993 No. 30 overall, Bullets

Taking a 7-foot-7 center/actor in the 2nd Round is a worthwhile risk. It ultimately didn't work out, but Washington's decision here can be ruled: Good job, good effort.

#8 – Latrell Sprewell — 1992 No. 24 overall, Warriors

As a basketball player, Sprewell is one of the better late 1st Round picks of all-time. Probably the only blemish on his record is that he tried to strangle his coach to death.

#9 – Nick Anderson — 1989 No. 11 overall, Magic

Anderson was one of the cornerstones for the 1990s Magic. However, Orlando may have been better served by picking Tim Hardaway, Shawn Kemp, Vlade Divac or Cliff Robinson, all who were still available. Maybe, maybe not. But at least none of those guys ever single-handedly lost an NBA Finals game by missing four consecutive free throws.

#10 – LeBron James — 2003 No. 1 overall, Cavaliers

The Cavaliers used the No. 1 pick to take a player who turned out to be the best player of his generation. But what do they have to show for it? A resounding defeat in the NBA Finals and a surprise departure via free agency by James that left the city depressed and the franchise in worse shape than it ever was. History will judge Cleveland selection of James as: "Meh."