Ten Dodgers Hitters Combine for No-Hitter

Ten Dodgers Hitters Combine for NoHitter – Image 1
The Los Angeles Dodgers achieved the fourth no-hitter of the season Friday night as 10 Dodgers hitters combined to not get even a single bloop single through nine innings.

"No-hitters are team efforts and we really showed that tonight," said outfielder Andre Ethier, who had an 0-for-4 and a strikeout. "There isn't one of us who can take sole credit for what happened."

With Dodgers star Matt Kemp out for most of the last month with an injury, manager Don Mattingly said he sensed a no-hitter would happen.

"We've been close a few times, but someone would always get a bloop-single or hit a broken bat grounder up the middle," he said. "But I could tell right away tonight in the first inning with how we were missing the ball and not connecting with anything squarely that history could be made."

By the sixth inning when the crowd started to buzz with the excitement of the no-hitter, Dodgers hitters were sitting alone in the dugout.

"I wasn't going to be the one to talk to them," said Dodgers starter Nate Eovaldi, who pitched six scoreless innings. "I mean, they couldn't get a hit. What was there to say? I don't talk to people who piss me off."

After he recorded the final out with a weak groundball to second, Ethier simply turned and walked back to the dugout without celebrating.

"It's history, but it's just one game in a long season. I try not to get too high or too low," he said. "In fact, the Mariners seemed much more excited to witness the no-hitter than we were."