R.A. Dickey Caught on Mound with Wiffle Ball

RA Dickey Caught on Mound with Wiffle Ball – Image 1

Mets pitcher R.A. Dickey's remarkable pitching run likely came to an end last night when he was caught on the mound with a Wiffle Ball by home plate umpire Eric Cooper. It is believed that Dickey has been pitching all of his recent games with the hollow, plastic, perforated ball.

Dickey was not caught with the ball until after recording the final out of the game, giving him back-to-back 1-hit shutouts. The final out was recorded on a pitch that started just above the grass, darted 10-feet towards the third base line, gained six-feet in altitude and then shot back over the plate at the last second, catching Orioles first baseman Chris Davis flatfooted for a called third strike.

The frustrated Davis remarked that he "hadn't seen a pitch like that since my older brother used to strike me out in Wiffle ball," as he headed back to the dugout. That comment raised Cooper's suspicions.

"I intercepted Dickey before he got off the mound and there it was in his glove — a Wiffle ball," said Cooper. "The air holes weren't even taped over. A Wiffle ball in the hands of a trained pitcher? No major league batter would stand a chance."

Dickey denied that he had been cheating, but empty Wiffle Ball boxes were found scattered all over the backside of the mound.

"I … I don't know how they got there," said Dickey, before sprinting off the field, hopping a fence, and running in the direction of his house.

Dickey's case will be taken up by Bud Selig. The commissioner could suspend him or allow batters to face him with the fat plastic bats instead of the skinny yellow ones.