NBA Scouts: Jared Sullinger Died 3 Months Ago

NBA Scouts: Jared Sullinger Died 3 Months Ago – Image 1
Former Ohio State star Jared Sullinger saw his NBA Draft stock drop even more yesterday when his medical reports were flagged by several teams over evidence that he died nearly three months ago.

"I just wouldn't feel comfortable taking him in the first round at this point," said a front office source from a lottery team. "Also, my condolences go out to his loved ones. He had so much potential."

Sullinger has refuted his passing.

"I read that teams fear I might be dead since I haven't been seen since the Final Four," said Sullinger. "That's just because my season ended and I'm not on TV all the time anymore. I am still very much alive," he added, either talking or making word-like noises due to gas escaping his bloated, decaying body through his mouth.

While it is likely too late for Sullinger to reverse his draft stock even if he turns out to be alive, several NBA teams say they would be happy to take him in the second round.

"He'd be a steal of a value pick in the second round, dead or alive," said Thunder general manager Sam Presti. "Whether vertical or horizontal, his body would take up space in the lane. And on offense, players could jump off of his back to get even higher above the rim. A dead Sullinger is no worse that most of the big man stiffs in this league."

In lieu of flowers, Sullinger's agent asks mourners to give a max rookie contract.