Kevin Durant’s Mom: “He’s dead to me if he doesn’t win a ring”

Kevin Durants Mom: Hes dead to me if he doesnt win a ring – Image 1
Kevin Durant's mother sounded off today on the NBA Finals and the deficit her son's team is facing against the Miami Heat.

"I don't want a loser for a son," he said. "Kevin is dead to me if he doesn't win a ring."

Mrs. Durant has been very visible during Oklahoma City's playoff run, giving her son hugs and kisses after every game. But she says that affection isn't unconditional.

"I've really put myself out there supporting Kevin," she said. "And now he's going to go and lose to Lebron James in the Finals? Lebron James? The biggest failure ever? No. No way. If my boy does me like that, humiliates me like that, I say f—k him. He's no son of mine."

If her son does lose the Finals, Mrs. Durant has already warned Kevin not to approach her for a postgame hug.

"I don't hug losers," she said. "I told him that if he loses and gets anywhere near me, he won't be getting a hug, he'll be getting a slap in his goddam mouth, the skinny ass loser. No championships in five seasons? Choker. Failure. I wish he'd never been born."

But if the Thunder come back and win?

"Oh, I'd be so proud of my Kevin," she said. "I'd just hug him and kiss him up forever. He'd make me the proudest mother ever."