Europe Begins Its Much-Anticipated Soccer-Themed Racism Festival

Europe Begins Its MuchAnticipated SoccerThemed Racism Festival – Image 1
Europe is full of excitement over Euro 2012, the latest edition of the continent-wide racism festival held every four years.

"We've got some great racism in store for fans of hatred and bigotry," said Michael Platini, president of UEFA, a soccer organization that organizes the festival. "Great advancements in racism have been made since 2008. It's very exciting to see."

Euro 2012 features soccer teams from 16 countries throughout Europe, as well as Russia, and is being held in Poland and Ukraine.

"Really, we could have held the tournament anywhere and it would have been great," said Platini. "But we felt that the joint host bid between Poland and Ukraine was the best. They had some terrible things to say about people, but especially people of color, and hating them is really what the Euro Cup is all about."

Running between June 8th and July 1st, Euro 2012 features more than three weeks of celebrating intolerance. Stadiums will be packed with tens of thousands ignorant, uneducated, misinformed and loathsome Europeans chanting and spewing hate.

"It really brings people together," said Platini.

A soccer tournament is held concurrently with the racism festival, with a championship trophy awarded on June 1st. The trophy is traditionally hurled at a person of color.