5 Ways the LA Kings Can Help the LA Media Learn of Their Existence

1. Get Some Players Whose Names Are Easier to Pronounce 10 Ways the LA Kings Can Get Better Inform the LA Media About Their Existence – Image 1

Everyone knows that hockey names are weird. Dustin Brown? Justin Williams? Jeff Carter? Jonathan Quick? HUH?! What language is all that supposed to be?

The Kings need some players with normal names that aren't so hard for LA media members to remember and say. Names like Kobe or Shaquille or Kareem or Pau or Metta.

2. Slow the Game Down

LA people like relaxing at the beach. They take a year to film a 90-minute movie. They love NBA basketball, in which the final minute of game action takes 30 minutes in real time. Until you knock it off with all of the non-stop action, they'll never pay any attention. Slow it down. Try to boring it up a bit. Then you'll get the LA media excited.

3. Have a Player Date a Kardashian

Kardashians date athletes. Hockey players are supposedly athletes. Kardashians get a ton of media coverage. This isn't hard to figure out. Granted, it's quite unlikely to happen because Kardashians usually only date black athletes and hockey doesn't have a ton of those. So if that's not possible and if you don't have any black players, consider having Khloe Kardashian play for your team. It would get a ton of publicity AND she could give you another hulking player to go along with that Brad Doty fellow.

4. Be a Little More Daring with Your Attire

Helmets, bulky jerseys and hockey pants will never be in style. It's revealing fashion that gets noticed in LA. Put the players in some tight, graphic Ts and skinny jeans. Shoulder pads are so '80s!

5. Win a Championship

Everyone will instantly hop on board your bandwagon like they've been cheering for Brad Doty and Anze Kopidor to score the ball all along!