Thunder Players Wear Color-Coordinated Uniforms in Support of Their Fans

Thunder Players Wear Color-Coordinated Uniforms in Support of Their Fans – Image 1
Oklahoma City Thunder players took the court on Wednesday night dressed in matching white uniforms with blue trim in a "white out" to show support and solidarity with their color-coordinated fans.

"I think Oklahoma City has the best players in the NBA," said Thunder fan Jason Morton. "It's really neat to see that they're so into what we're doing in the stands that they would dress all the same like that. It may seem like a little thing, but it means a lot."

Thunder forward Kevin Durant says the team thought of the gesture before the game.

"We were in the locker room and these white uniforms were hanging in our lockers," said Durant. "We thought: 'You know what? We should all wear these tonight for the fans. It will look cool.' And it did."

"The uniforms were also free," said point guard Russell Westbrook. "You can't beat a free uniform. I'm sure if was on all of us to wear the right uniform, someone would have forgotten and Serge Ibaka would have ruined the look by playing in an old Raptors jersey or something. But the fact that these white ones were provided made it all possible. So I want to thank whoever did that. I'm going to keep this uniform forever."

The Thunder's color coordination went over so well that the team plans to take it on the road.

"We're thinking of wearing light blue uniforms with orange, yellow and navy trim in Los Angeles," said sixth man James Harden. "Our equipment manager says we're all ready to go. He's really good at organizing this sort of thing."

The Thunder players also discussed wearing matching shoes in support of their fans.

"But we've all got different shoe contracts," said Durant. "There's no need to go overboard."