The 30 Greatest College Football-Inspired Adult Films

The 30 Greatest College FootballInspired Adult Films – Image 2
It has been reported by the Los Angeles Times that a porn film named "Gangbang Girl #32" was filmed on the field at USC's LA Coliseum in September of 2001. Obviously, it's time to take a look at the greatest college football-inspired porn films of all-time.

"BC-Ass Championship"

"Houston Nutt'n"



"Ball State"

"Southern Methodist Hookers 5"

"Miami Hurricanes Football: 1984 to 2010"

"Debbie Does SMU"

"Oregon State Beavers"

"Pam and Jarrett Lee: Hardcore"

"The Cocks of South Carolina"

"Baylor-y Legal"

Ty Detmer's "BYU Cougar Hunting"

Charlie Weis' "Eating Pie"

"Jimmy Johnson's ExtenZe Party"

"Dick Butt Kiss"

"Johnny U: Tight-Ass"

"Jumbo Fisher"

"Texas T&A"


"Hot Southern Miss"

"Nut Rockne"

"Bo Knows Hoes"

"Spread XXX Offense"

"Miami (OH) (Don't Stop)"

"Catholics Do Convicts"

"Heisman Stiffy"

"The Poulan Carpeteater Independence Bowl"

Tim Tebow's "Hardcore Hugging"

"Bare Bryant"