Novelty Googly-Eye Glasses the New Trend Among NBA Players

Novelty Googly-Eye Glasses the New Trend Among NBA Players – Image 1
Anyone who has seen footage of NBA players arriving to games or has watched post-game press conferences has no doubt noticed the newest fashion fad sweeping the league: novelty googly-eyed glasses. Stars from Lebron James and Kevin Durant to Carmelo Anthony and Rajon Rondo have been spotted in the dime store glasses with bulging, spring-loaded eyeballs.

"We like to look good and dress in the latest styles," said Thunder point guard Russell Westbrook. "And googly-eye glasses is where it's at right now. If you don't have springs on your glasses, you're probably going to get laughed out of the locker room."

Where the novelty glasses trend started is not clear, but most think it may have begun with Kanye West's recent single "Googly-Eyed Novelty Glasses" and the song's iconic video in which everyone wore googly-eyed novelty glasses.

No matter where it comes from, Lebron James say his glasses make him feel cool.

"NBA players are competitive in everything we do. We want to be the best on the court and we want to look the best off the court," he said. "Whoever has the shiniest springs that hang the lowest with the most bloodshot eyeballs is envied by everyone."

James and Dwyane Wade recently used an off-day to go shopping in Miami, where they stopped at several novelty shops and a carnival supply store. Wade says he dropped $20,000 on the shopping spree.

"I got me a few of those glasses with the big plastic nose built in," he said. "You know, like the 'Humpty Dance' guy from Digital Underground? Yeah, you always have to keep your fashion sense looking forward. And I think that's where it's going next."