Lebron James Fails to Win Ring in 2nd Round Playoff Victory

Lebron James Fails to Win Ring in 2nd Round Playoff Victory – Image 1
Miami Heat forward Lebron James failed to win an NBA championship ring again Thursday night when the Heat advanced past the Indiana Pacers in the 2nd Round of the playoffs, leaving James two series victories short of a title.

James bristled at media questions following the game about his inability to win it all, saying "the playoffs aren't over" – yet the fact remains that defeating the Pacers left the supposed best player in basketball still without an NBA championship.

The MVP has advanced out of the 2nd Round in past postseasons only to lose later on, suggesting 2012 is shaping up exactly like his well-known playoff failures.

"I'm not sure you all are understanding how the playoffs work," said James, pathetically defending himself. "Advancing out of the 2nd Round is necessary in order to get to the NBA Finals and win. Yes, I'm still short of the ultimate goal, but I can't and won't apologize for winning this series. It was a requirement to get a ring."

In the decisive Game 6, James fell short of his series' highs in points, rebounds and assists, suggesting he is regressing as the Eastern Conference and NBA Finals near.

If the Heat win in the next round, it would be three consecutive playoff series this season for James without winning a ring.

"I hate all of you," said James.