Blood-Spattered Kobe Bryant Insists Pau Gasol Flew Back to Spain as Soon as the Season Ended

Blood-Spattered Kobe Bryant Insists Pau Gasol Flew Back to Spain as Soon as Season Ended – Image 1
Lakers star Kobe Bryant claims teammate Pau Gasol was not brutally murdered and, in fact, immediately flew home to Spain following Los Angeles' season-ending loss to the Oklahoma City Thunder.

"Yeah, I've heard the crazy rumors, too," said Bryant, wiping blood off of his face with a towel while speaking to Oklahoma City police. "I guess because a few people claim they heard screams and saw me attacking Pau with an ax? I don't know. People say crazy things. But, no, right after the game ended, Pau headed to the airport and flew home. He said he was going there forever and would never be back."

Bryant then picked up his blood-soaked axe and held it menacingly in the direction of his teammates: "Didn't Pau say that, guys," Bryant said to them. "Tell the good officers."

Bryant's Lakers teammate, crying and in shock, nodded their heads in agreement.

Yet questions remain unanswered about Gasol's sudden disappearance following the Lakers' defeat and flight records show no mention of a Pau Gasol flying direct from Oklahoma City to Barcelona late Monday night or early Tuesday morning, nor does such a flight exist. Also, Lakers' head coach Mike Brown, who initially called police to the locker room, has also not been seen since he made the call. All that remains in his office in the Oklahoma City visitors' locker room are his glasses, which have blood on the stems — as though they were used as a stabbing instrument.

After being questioned by police, Bryant quickly left the locker room and made his way to the team bus, stopping only to tell the team equipment manager to dispose of two very heavy, bulky and soggy gym bags.

"I'm going to miss Pau," Bryant told reporters before stepping onto the bus. "But he's in a better place now. And by that, I of course mean Spain. Spain is nicer than Oklahoma. Pau is not dead. He is in Spain, completely not hacked apart."