49ers Excited That So Far Randy Moss Isn’t Behaving Like a Total Dickhead

49ers Excited That So Far Randy Moss Isn't Behaving Like a Total Dickhead – Image 1
Randy Moss participated in OTA's with the San Francisco 49ers yesterday and his coaches and teammates couldn't be happier.

"Randy showed up on time and did what he was asked to do," said head coach Jim Harbaugh. "It was a real delight to see. He's really started to mature."

The 35 year-old receiver was out of football last season after jumping around between three teams during the 2010 season. The 49ers signed him to a one-year contract this winter to give Moss what is likely his best, last shot in the NFL.

"I wouldn't say he was overly friendly," said quarterback Alex Smith. "Or even nice. However, he didn't come up to me and tell me that I suck ass, which is what I expected him to. He didn't spit on me, or kick me in the nuts or take a piss in my locker or anything like that. It was really encouraging."

Moss' new teammates admit they were worried when the team ate a catered lunch together yesterday afternoon. As a member of the Vikings in 2010, Moss infamously cursed at and disparaged a local restaurant owner who made food for the team. Yet Moss did not display such behavior on his first day with the 49ers.

"This shit is edible," Moss said, after taking a bite.

"I take that as a compliment coming from Randy Moss," said Ted Davis, who catered the meal. "I might put that quote on my menus."

Moss said he hopes to have an uneventful season in San Francisco.

"I've only been here a day," he said. "But I don't totally hate everyone yet. That's new for me. I haven't met everyone yet, though, so that could change pretty quick."