Over-Under Win Projections for All 30 MLB Teams

National League

Astros: +/- 63.5

Over if … A handful of diamonds in the rough emerge from Houston's relatively nameless roster.

Under if … Wandy Rodriguez is unable to pitch a complete game shutout in every start.

Braves: +/- 86.5

Over if … Jason Heyward has a bounce-back season, Tim Hudson successfully returns from injury and Chipper Jones pieces together a strong final season.

Under if … The Braves have 86 or fewer wins at the start of September.

Brewers: +/- 85.5

Over if … Aramis Ramirez ably fills Prince Fielder's spot in the lineup and Yovani Gallardo finally reaches his potential.

Under if … Ryan Braun mysteriously is unable to hit more than 10 home runs.

Cardinals: +/- 85.5 undefined – Image 2

Over if … Adam Wainwright stays healthy, Chris Carpenter gets healthy and David Freese can carry his postseason success over into the regular season.

Under if … The team loses focus and realizes how boring baseball can be without Tony LaRussa making a few dozen pitching changes every game to liven things up.

Cubs: +/- 73.5

Over if … Starlin Castro becomes the best shortstop in baseball and several Cubs have career years.

Under if … Theo Epstein is unable to trade the Cubs roster for the Red Sox roster.

Diamondbacks: +/- 86.5

Over if … Justin Upton takes another step towards supertar level while Arizona's good, young rotation makes a strong case for being the best in the NL West.

Under if … Bud Selig forces the Diamondbacks to return Ian Kennedy to the Yankees under the commissioner's "best interests of baseball" clause.

Dodgers: +/- 80.5

Over if … A few more players step up to help Matt Kemp and Clayton Kershaw carry the load.

Under if … The Dodgers are forced to work odd jobs on the side to help Magic Johnson cover the $2 billion he paid for the team.

Giants: +/- 87.5

Over if … A healthy Buster Posey helps San Francisco's lineup support its dominant starting pitching.

Under if … Buster Posey gets crushed at the plate by one of his pitcher's fastballs.

Marlins: +/- 85.5

Over if … Miami's many big name offseason acquisitions earn their paychecks.

Under if … The Marlins get into the stash of drugs their stadium designer used.

Mets: +/- 73.5

Over if … Johan Santana, Ike Davis, David Wright and Jason Bay stay healthy and perform to their potential.

Under if … It's under.

Nationals: +/- 83.5

Over if … Jayson Werth has a productive season and Stephen Strasburg puts up Cy Young-quality numbers.

Under if … Stephen Strasburg is infected by Nationals teammate Rick Ankiel, forgets how to pitch and becomes a crappy outfielder.

Padres: +/- 73.5

Over if … The Padres piece together some early wins and build confidence.

Under if … The season comes down to anything relating to talent instead of intangibles.

Phillies: +/- 93.5

Over if … The Phillies don't suffer too much without Ryan Howard and Chase Utley, while the Braves, Marlins and Nationals look worse on the field than on paper.

Under if … A rough start to the season leads to the entire team being beaten to death in a fan riot.

Pirates: +/- 72.5

Over if … Andrew McCutchen puts it all together, the Pirates find a power bat in the lineup and the starting rotation strings together quality starts.

Under if … A ball bunted by A.J. Burnett in his first game back caroms into the Pittsburgh dugout and decapitates Andrew McCutchen, Pittsburgh's newfound power hitter and the rest of their starting rotation.

Reds: +/- 87.5

Over if … The Mat Latos acquisition pays off and Joey Votto gets more help in Cincinnati's lineup.

Under if … Reds starter/thief Mike Leake steals Joey Votto, Jay Bruce, Mat Latos and Aroldis Chapman and sells them to the Red Sox.

Rockies: +/- 81.5

Over if … Colorado finds a one-two punch in its rotation similar to what they have in the lineup with Carlos Gonzalez and Troy Tulowitzki.

Under if … The Rockies continue to be so short on pitching that they have to keep employing a 49 year-old man as a starter.